Why worry?

Because, Cyber Crime usually has an impact on three things close to us – Identity, Privacy and Finances. A unique feature of cybercrime is that the consequences aren’t ‘visible’ instantaneously as with other forms of crimes like murder, burglary, kidnapping, etc. Also, the time interval between the occurrence of the crime and the victim’s realization can sometimes be so long as to eliminate all possibilities of collecting appropriate evidence.
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Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is considered to be one of the strongest tools to Cyber Security.

DSC uses a very complex algorithm to generate a pair of asymmetric keys – Public and Private Key, wherein the private key is held securely by the user and public key is available publicly. When a user appends DSC to an electronic document or electronic transaction, the private key hashes the content of the document or transaction and uses the private information of the user in the private key to sign the document or transaction and this document or transaction is encrypted at the signor’s end. This signed document or transaction is verified with the corresponding public key and decrypted by the authorized person. Read more

If you feel that you are the victim of a cybercrime, as per the amendments to the Information Technology Act 2000, the minimum rank of investigation of cybercrimes is POLICE INSPECTOR and any jurisdictional police station can register and investigate.
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