Digital Signature Certificate for E-Ticketing (IRCTC)

E-Ticketing (IRCTC)

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is a subsidiary of Indian Railways and handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations for the railways. Rail Travel Service Agents has been authorized by IRCTC to purchase tickets and secure reservations on behalf of the passengers.

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In order to complete the process securely IRCTC mandate the concept of Digital Signature Certificate for e-ticket issuance by the authorized agents. So every authorized agent needs an Individual class 3 digital signature certificate. Once a class 3 DSC is obtained, the agent needs to map it with IRCTC through principle agent.

When an RTSA user logs onto the IRCTC website, an application will verify the authentication of the class 3 digital signature certificate. If the digital certificate is authenticated, the application will allow the user to book the number of tickets the agent wishes to book. There are no restrictions on the number of tickets the agent can book.

Which type of certificate is required ?

Class 3
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Why do I need a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically. It also provides you with a high level of security for your online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a digital certificate. You can use certificates to encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it. You can digitally sign information to assure the recipient that it has not been changed in transit, and also verify your identity as the sender of the message.

Where can I use Digital Signature Certificates?

You can use Digital Signature Certificates for the following:

  • For secure email and web-based transactions, or to identify other participants of web-based transactions.
  • To prove ownership of a domain name and establish SSL/ TLS encrypted secured sessions between your website and the user for web based transactions.
  • As a developer, for proving authorship of a code and retaining integrity of the distributed software programs.
  • For signing web forms, e-tendering documents, filing income tax returns, to access membership-based websites automatically without entering a user name and password etc.

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