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1Certificate Details

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Download Password

Define your own download password (Challenge Code) to download the certificate, once approved by eMudhra CA. The same will also be sent to you over SMS / email after approval. (Minimum 6 characters)

Note : Please remember this password to download the certificate.

2Applicant Details

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3Upload File

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Note: Consolidated size of above three uploaded files, should not exceed the maximum size of MB

4Authenticate & eSign

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? This is required for eSign. Please enter the OTP you have received.
If you Skip eSign & Submit, a link will be send to the registered Email ID to complete eSign.

Steps for PAN/Aadhaar

Selecting the Certificate:
  • Select the Type of Certificate and Validity.
  • Set the Challenge code and Retype the Challenge Code to use it later while downloading the certificate.
Initiating Individual information:
  • Provide the PAN for the individual and Proceed.
  • System will identify and tell you if individual provided PAN is already registered with eMudhra or not.
  • If it is already registered with eMudhra, no need for extra information.
  • If it not registered with eMudhra, then choose with the given two option:PAN or Aadhaar

Section 71 of IT Act stipulates that if anyone makes a misrepresentation or suppresses any material fact from the CCA or CA for obtaining any DSC such person shall be punishable with imprisonment up to 2 years or with fine up to one lakh rupees or with both.