eMudhra SSL Certificates under India PKI

In accordance to the guidelines of IT-Act and the X.509 Certificate Policy for India PKI published by Controller of Certifying Authorities, e-Mudhra SSL certificates for fully qualified domain names (FQDN). The SSL certificate carries Domain Control Validation as well as Organization Validation in the certificate.

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  1. HTTPS support with strongest encryption available.
  2. Certified under India PKI - CCA Root certificate for Special Purposes (CCA India 2015 SPL).
  3. DV + OV SSL Certificates.
  4. 2048-bit (RSA) SSL Secure Sockets Layer with TLS Encryption
  5. Class 2 can be stored in software format (PFX / P12).
  6. In accordance to CA Browser Forum specifications for universal acceptance.
  7. Compatible with Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Exchange Server, and other servers.
  8. Compatible with Linux, Windows, and other operating systems.
  9. Universal CRL support.
  10. Universal OCSP support.

Note: Based on the amendment of CA Browser Forum guidelines, SSL certificates cannot be issued on IP addresses or local host names, with effect from November 01, 2015.


  1. Secures one websites. Also available in wildcard and UCC categories for multiple website support.
  2. Helps boosting the site?s Google ranking
  3. Compatible with all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc (Firefox support will be available soon).
  4. Issued under the Controller of Certifying Authorities (Indian regulator), Ministry of IT, Government of India.
  5. Covered under Indian Information Technology Act.

Type of SSL Certificates:

Name Description Example
Standard Certificate Single Domain www.example.com
Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) Up to 5 domains, & in multiples for each set of 5. Maximum 100 domains.
Cannot contain wildcard domain.
Wildcard Certificate Single Wildcard Domain *.example.com
Works for all subdomains (Eg: abc.example.com, www.example.com, etc)
Wildcard UCC Certificate Up to 5 domains, & in multiples for each set of 5. Maximum 100 domains.
Can contain wildcard domain.

Note: Class 3 certificate should be originated and stored in FIPS complaint token/hardware (HSM) only. Class 2 can be in software format (PFX / P12 file)

How to avail?

Applicant can submit the filled in application form for SSL certificate, along with supporting documents to eMudhra office. The certificate will be issued after verification of the supporting documents, the domain control and the organization.

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For enquiries, please contact sales@emudhra.com